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Tea Town Mini Tour

Tea Town Mini Tour

Drink tea every day, but never see the tea garden? Love to eat bamboo shoots but didn't walk into the bamboo forest?

Lugu Township is famous for its beautiful tea gardens and bamboo forest. Take a  "Tea Town Mini Tour" to make you know Lugu and fall in love.

Fare: NT$ 400 per person (including transportation and tour guide, the entire journey is about 2.5 hours)

★ Departure every day, the activity time is scheduled to depart at 14:00 in the afternoon, 4 or more people can make the trip.

★ Please register at the counter when checking in.

● Tour A: Ginkgo Forest, Dalun Mountain Sightseeing Tea Garden (2.5HR)

● Tour B: Half-day Bamboo Forest, Private Tea Garden, Bamboo Charcoal Kiln (2.5HR)