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溪頭孟宗山莊大飯店 - Measures to prevent `` 2019 new coronavirus pneumonia '


Measures to prevent `` 2019 new coronavirus pneumonia '

Dear Guest,

In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), GINKGO HOTEL has carried out precautions and safety measures as follow:

* Frontline employees are fully equipped with masks.
* Alcohol disinfectants are available at the main public areas.
* All guest rooms are sterilized.
* Hotel cleaning staffs regularly disinfect the entire areas to maintain a clean environment.
* Measure forehead temperature at the main entrance of the hotel, please cooperate!

* " Arrange room separate " and "sale rooms every other day" to make your stay safe!

*Every guest is required to fill out a Health Information Questionnaire, please cooperate!

【Important Announcement】

To reduce the risk of infection, GINKGO HOTEL has taken countermeasures as follow:

•Visitor whose forehead temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees.

•Visitor entry Taiwan prohibited by CDC.
•Visitor with a history of traveling abroad who have not returned home for quarantine more than 14 days.

GINKGO HOTEL sincerely apologizes for not able to accommodate above guests.