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溪頭孟宗山莊大飯店 - News: Tea culture experience activities began to register


News: Tea culture experience activities began to register

Luku Township is famous for tea, every household has tea garden, tea planting area of ​​about 1,700 hectares, the tea is not just for the villagers to make a living, it is a simple and happy way of life.

Want to experience the depth of tea culture? Join our tea culture experience activities now!

Tea culture experience activities ~ per person costs NT$ 600.

Including tea teacher guide, utensils, water, several kinds of tea, personal seats and delicious refreshments, will takes about 2 hours.


1. This event is open all year round, please register for 3 days before the event.

2. This activity can be held more than 4 people, under the minimum number will cancel the activities and full refund.

3. In order to maintain the quality of activities, the number of applicants for each event is limited to 40.

4. Activities are held in outdoor natural environment, but because of the poor weather factors will chang to indoors.